Author Patricia C Lee – best friend, crack shot and ‘who needs a map?’

Destiny's Past
Destiny's Present

Destiny’s Past
Destiny’s Present

I’ve known Pat for over thirty years now….we shared a grade ten math class…seems to me she aced algebra and I blew it. Although we crossed paths on occasion, it wasn’t until I was married, raising two children and marching down a life path entirely different than hers, that we suddenly hooked up and became fast lifelong friends. It would seem odd to some, that two people that have next to nothing in common, who think about things in an entirely opposite fashion, could maintain any kind of friendship in the first place – mind you, maybe that’s why it works. One thing is for certain though, we are each other’s most loud and ardent cheerleaders. Pat has been writing in one form or another since I’ve known her – short stories, plays, novellas – pounding her way through likely dozens of keyboards, with a focus unlike any other person I know – determined, determined, determined to one day be a published author. I’ve not met another person in my life, aside perhaps from my daughter, who has that kind of stick-to-it-ive-ness. When her first book was published, I had no idea until I received a copy in the mail as a surprise – and as an idea of how daft I can sometimes be, I opened it, read the title, the author, the blurb on the back. I looked at the front again, the back, the first few pages before it finally dawned on me, what I was holding in my hands – Patricia C Lee’s very first, bonafide, genuine, honest to God, published novel!!! And….the first of a trilogy no less!!
As of this writing, her second installment has also been published, the third, I believe, will be out at the end of this year.
Pat – so as you know – I am in awe πŸ˜€
So to all you avid readers out there – download to your e reader, your Kindle, head to Amazon and order a copy – you’ll be glad you did.
Find Pat at

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2 Responses to Author Patricia C Lee – best friend, crack shot and ‘who needs a map?’

  1. Pat Lee says:

    Okay, now you’re aging us!! And Algebra, UGH! But I have to say that YOU fanned the tiny writing spark in me while we sat and plotted on your front steps in summer. Don’t know if I would have pursued it to that depth without having someone to bounce ideas off of and who introduced me to the concept of writing a novel. Still waiting for yours and I know that one day you’ll make it too.

    BTW love the pic of your big gentle guy (the horse, silly!!)

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