Spring has Sprung??

20130325-101435.jpg This is the first thing I see when I step out my back door – and oddly enough, where I live, I know spring is on the way. First off – we’ve reached our limit for snow. Secondly – once we can shovel right down to the wooden sidewalk and start making our way to the barn without having to dig our way there….spring is on it’s way for sure. The days are getting longer, the sun is up when we leave for work and still up when we get home. Believe it or not – in less than a month I will be starting to plant my garden. 😊

About valbjerke

Farmer, Transmission Rebuilder, Self Sufficiency Nut. Like the old school way of doing things. "Fast is fine - accuracy is final" (quote by some way back famous gun-slinger - likely just before he got shot dead)
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3 Responses to Spring has Sprung??

  1. Pat Lee says:

    Planting your garden?? At the end of April?? Wow, we don’t plant anything until June 1st here. Good luck and love the sun on the white snow.

    • valbjerke says:

      Thanks 🙂 keep in mind I’m a bit of a guerrilla gardener …. If I can dig a few inches into the dirt – in go the seeds. We have a very short season here – zone 3 – but there’s nothing saying I can’t squeeze out a few more weeks on either end. 😊

  2. It is what gives me hope… knowing other years how the snow can be so deep but the garden will go in!

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