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Farmer, Transmission Rebuilder, Self Sufficiency Nut. Like the old school way of doing things. "Fast is fine - accuracy is final" (quote by some way back famous gun-slinger - likely just before he got shot dead)

Time time time…..

Never enough of it I’m thinking…..this is a long long read….. Stretching the mozzarella……. My last post – I promised to do a series related to farming/livestock/ etc, using questions I get asked often. I tried. I have a long … Continue reading

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Longevity (or ducking flying bread dough)

Well, I needed an attention grabbing headline 🙂 I might have been eight….maybe nine, when my mom taught me how to make bread.  I don’t really think she thought it something I needed to know how to do – rather, … Continue reading

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Un-quiet but fine.

It’s been a hectic year so far….we just spent our Thanksgiving long weekend tackling the last of the big outside projects – winter can hit anytime now. The last of the small wood is tucked under the porch – this … Continue reading

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Bees 🐝 bees 🐝 bees ðŸ

I’ve wanted to get into beekeeping for years – in fact bought a book on beekeeping many years ago, read it – and promptly realized there weren’t enough hours in a day to work at work, work on the farm, … Continue reading

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In Charge

I’ve a piano in my house. (I may have mentioned this previously) Heintzman & Co. Built in 1928. For the last fifteen years it lived in my moms house, prior to that it spent its entire life in my grandmothers living … Continue reading

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There comes a point in everyone’s life when one takes a step back, takes a good hard look around themselves – and finally gathers up the nerve to jump into the void of ‘change’. There’s a certain amount of miserable … Continue reading

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What the hell…..

April 30 I lost my mom. Chatted via text message (as we did every single day)at 8:00 in the morning……nothing much – just a quick conversation about the fact that she should see some sunshine (as opposed to many past … Continue reading

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