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Back to WORK

I want to say I’ve not lost my mind…but it’s possible I might have 😁. I’ve had it in my mind for the last…two? years that I need to go back to work. One (obvious) money, two – truthfully, as … Continue reading

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Winter prep…and some thoughts

524 jars of….stuff. No, I didn’t do all of that this year…maybe 2/3 of it. I’ve a good friend that’s probably doubled my efforts – both of us are determined to be set for winter, and we both hide in … Continue reading

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Four months. It’s been a blur. Things are not back to normal, but then maybe they are if one were to decide that this is the new normal. The big patch of muck/clay hides the majority of the debris. It … Continue reading

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To start – with all the the misery and crap going on in the world at the moment, this would be considered small potato’s…I almost didn’t write it. But I’ve always written about the good, bad and the ugly so…. … Continue reading

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Round up…photo heavy

Just a general collection from the year…some good, some not so – but we collect ourselves up and try again in 2022 😊 Summer, fall…miscellaneous 😊 Love you all – wishing you a stellar 2022 😊

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First thing that came into my head – it’s been an eventful year. Busy. Always. Working harder, again. Watching it snow, think we’re probably ready for the big freeze, snowmageddon, whatever winter throws at us. Managed double the firewood we … Continue reading

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Heads up! Blatant self promotion….

Done. Finally! Please read the blurb….if it’s not your ‘type’ of book, then for the love of….take a pass 😂. If it is….it’s available on or (paperback and ebook). If you read it, please leave a review. ALL … Continue reading

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Still here…

Crazy – the difference between one year and the next…I kept putting writing a post off – didn’t want to talk about the ‘Covid’, and conversely – didn’t want to ignore the struggles some are going through by sounding all … Continue reading

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Time time time…..

Never enough of it I’m thinking…..this is a long long read….. Stretching the mozzarella……. My last post – I promised to do a series related to farming/livestock/ etc, using questions I get asked often. I tried. I have a long … Continue reading

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Longevity (or ducking flying bread dough)

Well, I needed an attention grabbing headline 🙂 I might have been eight….maybe nine, when my mom taught me how to make bread.  I don’t really think she thought it something I needed to know how to do – rather, … Continue reading

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